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Which State Is Better To Visit In Best Summer Vacation

best summer vacation
best summer vacation

People in the hill stations of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh increase the crowds during the summer season. These two states are such that when we come to our senses, the mountains of high peaks, lakes, dense forests, beautiful valleys, and the famous temples begin to roam.

Children have long vacations, then it is time to move towards the hill station for people troubled by the summer. But if you did not plan in Advance then now it is difficult to find the hotel and get a concrete seat in the trains. So why should be planning such a place which is beautiful and cool, where to go and find the hotel is also easy. Giving information in detail in such best Summer vacation.

Best summer vacations are many large tourist places in these states. People like to go to heat in places like Nainital, Almora, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Jim Corbett National Park, Rajaji National Park, Shimla, Manali, and Kangra Valley. So there is a lot of crowd in these places. In this sense, it proves to be quite expensive, crowded. If you have not already done a tour package, it is difficult to get a hotel here in the peak season.

Best Summer Vacation

In Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, there are many such places which are very beautiful, but the tourist crowd is not much there yet. It can be very good for your mind. There is usually a lack of information about these places in people. If you are thinking of a family trip in less money then you can go on a trip to these places. We are giving information about many such tourist sites of Uttarakhand and Himachal:

Chakrata: The resort of nature lovers

This small and beautiful hill town, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Chakrata is called ‘City of dreams’ for the peace-loving people.

What is special: There are good options for camping, rafting, trekking, sunset point, waterfall, wrapping, rock climbing, horse riding, etc.

What to see: Tiger Falls, Lakh Mandal, Moigad Waterfall, Canasar, Ramlath Garden, Dev Forest

When to go: March to June and October to December are suitable to go here. In winter there is a lot of colds.

How to go: The nearby railway station is Dehradun and the airport is Joulegrant. Buses or taxi can be taken from here to go dazzling. It is about 320 km away from Delhi and takes 7 hours to reach.

Srinagar: Special for peaceful and spiritual tourism

Srinagar of Uttarakhand is a beautiful example of tradition and blend of modernity. This city is surrounded by valleys around. In this, the Alaknanda makes four moons. Here the tourists come to visit the whole year.

What is special: Trekking, Jungle Safari, Village Tourism etc.

What to see: Kamleshwar / Siddheshwar Temple, Shankar Math, Keshorai Math, Jain Temple, Sri Gurudwara Hemkunt Sahib, Malatha, Gola Bazar, Kirtinagar, Vishnu Mohini Temple, etc. can see places.

Tourist Season: People go there year by year, but it’s the best time to go from March to October.

How to go: The nearest airport is the Jholigrant in Dehradun. Kotdwar is the nearest railway station. There is a direct bus service to Srinagar from Kashmiri Gate, Dehradun, Rishikesh and Kotdwar in Delhi.

Careful of certain things

Choosing a place to go around: It will be better to choose the places you want to go in advance. This saves you time and money and you avoid unnecessary disorganization.

Listing: Make a list of those things that may be required during the journey. Yes, avoid increasing unnecessary burden.

Correct information about the tourist spot: Where you go to roam, where is it and how you reach there, the information related to it must be already with you It saves you time, second money. And with more accurate information, the thrill of travel increases.

Reservation: Your visit should be pleasant and comfortable, it is important to have reservations. If there is no reason for it then think about the options beforehand.

Hotel booking: It is better if you book a hotel in advance. Though the places in Uttarakhand have been mentioned here, the hotels are easily available. If you do not meet then there is also an option like Home Stay, PG.

Worry about safety

  • It is important to carefully drive for safe travel in remote areas.
  • For trekking or other reasons, keep a map with you.
  • This is the mountainous area. Usually after the evening it becomes very cool. Always keep hot clothes together.
  • Take care while traveling in the rain, there is a danger of landslides.

Expenditure on travel in Uttarakhand

You can choose the option according to your convenience and liking. If you plan for a three-day trip, you plan about Rs 10,000 and five days and then you can roam around Rs 15,000. Uttarakhand tourism development board and private operators also offer tour packages. You can also see them On the four Dham packages, one person can spend about 15,000 rupees per person, then the cost of two Dhams is about Rs 10,000.

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