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Tips For Moms When Travelling With the Kids Alone

Remember when going on a solo trip was relaxing and fun? When all you had to think about was boarding the plane and catching a cab to take you to your hotel? And hoped you meet someone to take you to cool pubs around the city or teach you how to surf on giant waves? Hmm. Those were the days. 

So, tomorrow you’re going on a solo trip. Yes, alone. But! With the kids this time. Not with a toddler but two or three toddlers rolling around like pups and kittens which I’m sure will blow your mind. You may be living a single parent life right now or your husband may not be around to come with you. But regardless of how you end up traveling alone (with the kids), I guess what matters more is how you’re going to handle three kids to international travel without losing any of them or facing any trouble throughout the whole trip. 

Things can get more challenging, especially when there’s no one to help you out with the kids. Luckily, you have this guide to walk you through all these tests and rather find satisfaction in your first travel with kids. 

Create a realistic itinerary. 

When you already have the spots to visit in mind, have a list of them and plan ahead for day-to-day itinerary. Planning is the name of the game, especially when you’re trying to take a solo trip with the kids. Although spontaneity on vacation can be fun, it’s smarter to have a handle on your itinerary before you head out. You can also use your travel apps to look for nearby restaurants. Well, kids. They get easily hungry.

Do not overpack. 

It can be tempting to pack a lot of stuff just to make sure that you have everything you need on your travel. However, you might think about having regrets when you start juggling three playful kids and tons of luggage cases plus hand-carry bags with your bare hands as you try to pass through the security. Only bring the necessary stuff. You can also have them carry their own backpacks to lessen your load. But pack their bags light so they won’t get easily tired, especially when taking long strolls.    

Set the ground rules.

Before you leave home, make sure to set some important rules for your children. Tell them about the rules and explain the advantages of following each command. Always remind them of the rules about petty arguments, behaviors, manners, souvenir purchases, and anything else that might cause conflict when you’re on the road. You can give them small incentives every time they follow the rule. 

Bring a carrier or stroller.

Kids can easily feel exhausted that they might ask for a carry. But since you have a lot on your plate, a stroller can be a great way to solve the problem. You can team up with your eldest kid and let him or her push his/her siblings, one at a time. This strategy will definitely make your life easier when navigating from one terminal to another.   

Be alert.

Sadly, some (dangerous) people might be watching over, taking advantage of the fact that you’re taking your kids alone. Be sure you’re always aware of your surrounding. Instruct your children to stay close to you and never come with a stranger alone.

Check-in for your flight online.

While you’re busy checking in for your flight at the airport, you also give your kids the chance to play around and chase one another. And while you’re not keeping an eye on them, something could possibly happen. You can check-in for your flight online at least 24 hours ahead of time. This will only require your international flight information and passport details. Doing this will save you lots of hassle at the airport.

Ask a flight attendant for help.

If you need to get up, have some stretches, or take a pee, you can always ask help from flight attendants. They love kids and are willing to lend a helping hand if you need some, as long as they aren’t busy. 

Arrange for transportation.

It’s always smart to have transportation arranged before getting to your destination. You can save a lot hassle if someone is there to pick you up instead of wasting the time trying to find a cab or take a minibus hire to get to your hotel. 

Book a reputable accommodation.

The same thing with the transport arrangement, it’s better to book your hotel earlier, especially when you know that you’ll be arriving at night. Choose a cheap yet reputable, child-friendly accommodation that can provide your children’s needs. Check if they have a kid’s club, complimentary crib or cot, children’s menu or free breakfast for kids, kids pool, a kid’s program and more as this will surely give you a break so you won’t feel burned out throughout vacation.

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