summer vacations in india

Summer Vacation in India, Holiday Destinations in India

summer vacation in india
summer vacation in India

Have you ever noticed the oxymoron in the words ‘summer vacation In India’? I bet you haven’t! And I even know the very reason behind this fact too! The sweltering summer finally brings in some good news, right? It brings with itself a cartload of holidays full to the brim with happiness and enjoyment. You can have a whale of a time while all your worries and work take a back seat. And what better can be a place to enjoy your vacations than India?

Having a bee in your bonnet as to which all places in India can blow away the cobwebs? Well, Holiday destinations in India, there is a multitude of places to visit right from the northern part of our country to the southern and yes, from the part where the sun rises to the part where the sun sets. Let us have a look at some of the most thrilling places in India!

Are you addicted to nature’s beauty? Or do you possess that ‘adventure’ streak, then the Northern Kashmir Valleys is just what you need! With a beauty that is evergreen and extremely divine, topped with the jaw-dropping beautiful valleys and rivers, it is a drop-dead gorgeous place to be in. So what are you waiting for?

Do you know that the seven sisters of the Eastern part of our country are one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country? With a wide range of adventurous activities ranging from kayaking, rafting, and trekking, these places are a must!

Are you looking out for travel destinations nested in the western ghats of the country? Then this place will enthrall you with its verdant greenery and tranquil ambiance. The pleasant climate will act as the perfect icing on the cake!

The queen of hill stations in South India has a resplendent landscape and a beauty that makes the place look like a million dollars. What’s more? Well, a pleasant and soothing climate is enough to give you a relaxed atmosphere. So are you ready to visit the southern part?

Indeed I must say that there are abundant places in our country across its length and breadth which one can visit in order to save ourselves from the scorching heat and take a dip in the amazing beauty of our hill stations. So are you ready to pack your bags for the summer vacations in India?

Top 10 Summer Vacations In India:


places to visit in darjeeling
places to visit in darjeeling

Darjeeling is a beautiful town, making its space right in the foothills of Himalayas. And do you what is present in the backdrop of this beautiful town? The drop dead gorgeous Mount Kanchenjunga! For sure, it is difficult to find such a place in the heart of our country, isn’t it? So, why not visit this place and make hay while the sun shines? But then the very obvious question arises, which all places should we visit. Don’t feel down in the dumps any more as we, the Digital Marketing Deal team is here to paddle your canoe through hot waters. So, let us now begin our journey and figure out what all places can we visit in this magnificent town of Darjeeling tourism!


places to visit in jammu and kashmir
places to visit in jammu and kashmir

I’m sure after knowing so much about Jammu and Kashmir tourism, you must be having ants in your pants to visit this place, right? But then, here I throw at you a word of caution! You should only visit these places in the specified months else your trip could come down to closure due to the heavy snowfall that takes place there. So, we would suggest that you should visit Jammu and Kashmir only between March to October. This is one of the prime time when the number of visitors in this region is at its peak! And yes, if you get that adrenaline rush while having some adventure in the snow and love to play snow games then you could dare to visit here in November and December too! But do watch out, okay?


places to visit in nainital
places to visit in nainital

Nainital tourism is surely an extremely popular hill station in India, right? But have we ever pondered upon the fact that how did this place get its name? Well, there is a short story behind this. So are you ready to listen up to this story? Alright then, sit back and enjoy this fun-filled experience. Nainital occupies a place near the Nainital Lake. And did you know that there is one temple in close proximity to this lake which is called as the Naina Devi Hindu Temple?


places to visit in srinagar
places to visit in srinagar

Do you have an ardent desire to be in a city which is covered in lush greens? A city which lies in the beautiful valley of Kashmir, adorned with the blue and clear sky, and the equally magnificent river flowing by? Did that create a ravishing picture in your mind? if you are willing to visit such a place and drawn in its beauty, then even I’m ready to let the cat out of the bag! Any guesses as to what this place is? Well, this place is Srinagar!



Yes, this tea comes from some famous tea plantations in Dharamshala! Dharamshala is derived from the Sanskrit language and means ‘spiritual dwelling’. As we already know that a Dharamshala provides us with shelter, similarly this place is also a shelter for many spiritual pilgrims. And we could very well quote the fact as one of the reasons why this place is famous as the holy residence of Dalai Lama and is home to Tibetan Monk in exile! Well, there are a lot of good many reasons why you must pay a visit to this place. Want to know a few of them? Alright, let us then discuss those reasons!

6.Honeymoon Places In Summer India

summer honeymoon destinations in india
summer honeymoon destinations in India

Nowadays people plan a honeymoon before marriage. Where and how many days to go. Fix everything in advance. To spend some romantic moments with your life partner, many places are famous in the country. Although many of these are places that are specially meant for summer. That is, if you are planning a honeymoon in the summer, then we are telling you about the places where your honeymoon will become memorable…

7.Visit In Best Summer Vacation

best summer vacation
best summer vacation

There are many large tourist places in these states. People like to go to heat in places like Nainital, Almora, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Jim Corbett National Park, Rajaji National Park, Shimla, Manali, and Kangra Valley. So there is a lot of crowd in these places. In this sense, it proves to be quite expensive, crowded. If you have not already done a tour package, it is difficult to get a hotel here in the peak season.


kasol tourism
kasol tourism

For sure, this place is a delight to be in, don’t you think so? Well, if you are thinking about what all cool stuff could you find in this place and also the places where you can have a whale of a time at, then here we are for you! We have jotted down some of the amazing and must-visit places, which one must visit in Kasol and make memories out there. So, do you want to know about these places? Then what are you waiting for? Scroll down and find your suitable destination!

9.What is famous in Ooty for shopping?

Ooty Shopping Speciality
Ooty Shopping Speciality

Having ants in your pants after hearing that you could go on a vacation to Ooty? Well then let me tell you that the best time to visit Ooty is October to June! After knowing the best time to visit this place, the next thing that you must know is what all are the things that this place is famous for! So, don’t even waste a minute and do buy the things mentioned below when you go to Ooty! Get, set and go!

10. What Are The Best Places To Visit in Shillong?

Visit in Shillong
Visit in Shillong

Thinking how we can achieve all this? Well, the solution to all these problems is going on a vacation! Yes, you heard that right! Going on a vacation would blow away all these problems and put you in a happy paradise. And what better could be than to go for a vacation to Shillong?

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