Spiti Valley Tourism – Places In The Middle Land

spiti valley tourism
spiti valley tourism


Alright, so the topic is about the tourist spots in Spiti Valley, but before me move on to the amazing tourist sites in this region, we must know what Spiti actually means. Did I just knock off your socks? You must have never thought that the name Spiti was kept for a reason, right? Still, any guesses about what this word means? Well then, now allow me to let the cat out of the bag now! Spiti means ‘The Middle Land’. I’m sure you must be having this bee in your bonnet now that what made it The Middle land, right? To drop in some knowledge in your pockets, let me tell you that Spiti Valley separates India from Tibet, and hence it got this name. Did it drop bombshells? Alright so having known enough about Spiti Valley, let us now know what all places are worth visiting in this marvelous place!

Welcome to the world of MONASTRIES!

Since Spiti Valley lies between Tibet and India, for sure it has the tincture of the Tibetan culture. I’m sure you must be wondering why am I saying so, right? Well, the beautiful and spectacular monasteries that stand tall in this place are a fitting testament to the fact that this place is incomplete without the Tibetan culture. Lhalung Monastery, Tabo Monastery and Key Monastery are a few monasteries which are worth visiting. Perched at great altitudes, these Monasteries give a spell bound view of the entire region! And yes, how can I forget that you can even gain an access to the enthralling view of the Spiti river too! And if you are an avid archaeologist, then you would surely enjoy the rich heritage of sculptures and paintings that these monasteries boast of. So are you ready to visit these monasteries?


Well, this place has another name. Want to know what it is? Well, it is called the Sun Lake too! And do you know what is so special about this beautiful place? All the avid photographers out there, listen to this! This place is the most apt for the photographers as it offers extremely beautiful views bounded by serene ambience and scenic beauty! Get ready to drown in the beautiful site of this place!


We generally believe that the hill stations are a storehouse of mountains, beautiful landscape, rivers but how about some fertile plains? Did that stop you dead in your tracks? Well, yes, you heard that right! Kaza is a drop dead gorgeous place seated in the lap of the eroded flood plains of the Spiti river. Do visit this place and catch the most amazing views!


I’m sure after reading the name of the place, you would be giggling around, aren’t you? Well, a complete irony to its name, this place has in store for you a world record! Bemused as to what I am talking about? Let me tell you that this village boasts of being the world’s highest village with a road. Yes, you heard that right! Excited to know at what height it is located? Well, it is located at a height of about 18,000 ft above the sea level! Isn’t that too great a height? But surely this place’s pristine beauty will captivate you!


Do you have the adventure streak in you? Well then, this is the place you must visit because it is one of the most adventurous passes in the world! Be it trekking, camping, mountain bike riding, this place can fulfill all your adventurous needs! It is a nexus for a multitude of hilly and mountainous roads, so be careful and enjoy the adventurous trip to Baralacha Pass!

I’m sure after knowing about so many amazing destinations that this place has in store for you, you must be curious to visit this place, right? But are you aware of the best time to visit this place which could add a feather to the cap of your trip? Well then, visit this place in the summer months, that is, from June to September which would help you avoid frozen roads and interact with the lovely temperatures! So, Get Set Go!

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