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Shimla India – Best To See In Himachal Pradesh

ShimlaAre you a mountain person or beach person? Personally, I love to explore beaches but Shimla India is one of the hilly destinations where I would like to go time and again. After all, it respites you from the scorching heat of crowded cities. Do you know the Britishers were totally astonished by the beauty of Shimla that they declared as the summer capital of British India in 1864? With lush green, dense forests of pine and oak, rich heritage and divine beauty, Shimla still makes a popular vacation spot.

Its picturesque beauty truly justifies its title of ‘the capital of Himachal Pradesh’ and ‘the Queen of Hills’. Although Shimla is suitable for family vacations throughout the year, the best time is between December to February when you would experience its snowy beauty. Famous for its Mall Road, toy train, the Ridge and more, it is quite a popular destination for honeymooners, families, and friends.

Places to Explore:

Mall Road: The town’s lifeline, located in the center, rules the hearts of localities and tourists. From restaurants to social hangouts to apparel clothing, everything happens over here. People love to enjoy the clear view of Himalayan range from the Ridge and Scandal Point on mall road. A lot of social gatherings and memories are captured over this main street.

Scandal Point: As the name says, it is the point where the father of scandals took place during the British rule. It is likely to be believed that the then flirtatious Maharaja of Patiala had kidnapped the daughter of British Viceroy. The General Post Office is located near to this point.

Christ Church: The second oldest church which is used as a background while capturing photos. It is the well-known landmark of Shimla on the Ridge that displays neo-Gothic architecture. With stained glass windows, a clock tower and pipe organ, this church still stands in its glory. A magnificent vision of this church is to be seen at night.

Things To Do:

Leisure the Mall Road: There are a lot of activities to do while on this road – witness a spectacular view of the great Himalayan range, shopping, hanging around, socialize and more. You can also enjoy seeing colonial style building including the library, church, and statues of Mahatma Gandhi. Several fairs and festivals are celebrated on the Ridge as well.

Trek the Jhakoo Hill: Trekking the Jhakoo hill would take you to the Jhakoo temple of Lord Hanuman accompanying mischievous monkeys by your side that you would definitely enjoy. After reaching atop, you can enjoy the glorious view of the Shivalik mountain range.

The Toy Train: This is the best ever thing that can happen while en routing to Shimla. I would always prefer to travel via this train that starts from Kalka. The 96-kilometer journey by this train which passes through 864 bridges, 102 tunnels including the longest one at Barog is worth to pay for. It takes 5-6 hours which is worth to spend for as well.

Eat, Eat and Eat:

Channa Madra: A famous Himachali cuisine cooked and served during all forms of festivals and celebrations. A thick yogurt gravy with black or white chickpeas in it. It tastes delicious with rice or white bread.

Chicken Anardana: A tempting chicken dish with dry pomegranate seeds and a flavor of some spices in it. You can enjoy it with paranthas or triangle flatbreads.

Best Time to Go:

March to June: Like any other part of North India, Shimla also has summers during these months. June is considered as the hottest month with high temperature up to 30C.

July to October: This is the monsoon phase with August as the wettest month.

November to February: The best and beautiful phase as ever. I would recommend you to witness the snowy beauty of Shimla during these months.

I prefer to make my visit in December and celebrate my Christmas week over there. Let me know your views and experience in the comment section below.

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