Nainital Tourism – Best Places to Visit In Uttarakhand

nainital tourism
nainital tourism


Nainital tourism is surely an extremely popular hill station in India, right? But have we ever pondered upon the fact that how did this place get its name? Well, there is a short story behind this. So are you ready to listen up to this story? Alright then, sit back and enjoy this fun-filled experience. Nainital occupies a place near the Nainital Lake. And did you know that there is one temple in close proximity to this lake which is called as the Naina Devi Hindu Temple? Eventually, the magnificent hill station got its name. wasn’t the story fascinating? Alright so moving ahead now, tell me how many of you have been to Nainital? Oh, that’s quite a lot of you. But for those who haven’t been there yet, you don’t have to feel down in the dumps as here we are, the Digital Marketing Deal team to help you paddle your canoe and make it reach the destination called ‘Nainital’. So are you ready for the bumpy ride?

Nainital is located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand and is nothing less than the queen of hill stations. The drop-dead gorgeous landscape and the prolific surrounds are enough to captivate tourists from all across the world. And you know, what is the best part about this hill station? Well, this hill station experiences a pleasant climate all throughout the year and hence one can pay a visit to this place at any point of the year.

But yes, if you are willing to enjoy your trip to the brim without any rainfall distractions by your side, then you must visit Nainital during the summers, that is, from March to May. This time is considered the best as people go to Nainital in order to escape from the gruesome heat of the other parts of the country. And in case you have that adventure streak in you and love to play snow games, then you could consider visiting Nainital from November to February, which is the winter season. The rainy season should be avoided as there is heavy downpour which could eventually lead to landslides too! So beware!

While there is an ample number of tourist spots in Nainital, some of them come under the category of ‘must-visit’. Want to know what these spots are? Continue to read and you’ll be able to find this out soon!


This beautiful lake hugging the snow-covered peaks of mountains is a beautiful view to treat your eyes to. The prolific beauty and the serenity of the place could give you goosebumps for sure! And not just these magnificent views, this place also has a lot of other things in store for you. How about taking a closer look at this place via boating? Yes, you could surely boat your way into this blue colored beauty. Apart from the mountain views, one can also find some street food vendors and hence enjoy some lip-smacking food out there! So, you could surely get a complete package when you visit this place!


When you are tired from the hectic day after laundering in so much, then there’s one place which could act as a therapy for you is this Mall road. With an array of local shops and the shops of premium brands, this place offers you a lot of shopping options. Apart from this, you could also just take an easy walk and enjoy the beauty of the height of this place. It offers you glimpses of some deep valleys and high mountains! Click some pictures and deck out your photo album with this place hustling and bustling with joy!


The journey to Nainital would be incomplete without a visit to the very famous Jim Corbett National Park. This area is home to a wide variety of vivid wildlife. It showcases the region’s rich flora and fauna and makes us skip a heartbeat with its divine beauty. Famous for Bengal Tigers, one can also find other animals like wild elephants, leopards and a gazillion of species of birds! So do visit this place and make your vacation worthwhile.

I’m sure you must be quite well-equipped by now and are on your paws, waiting eagerly for planning out a vacation to Nainital, aren’t you? So, what are you waiting for? Get set and go! And don’t forget to share your wonderful experiences with us!

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