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Mussoorie Tourism Place – Places to Visit In Uttarakhand

mussoorie tourism place
mussoorie tourism place

Mussoorie Tourism Place

Whenever you feel thirsty during summers, what do you do? Now you’ll say that I am asking such nonsensical questions, right? But hey, this is not any hare-brained question! Alright going back to the question, I know your answer would be- I’ll drink cold water to kick off the thirst, right? Similarly, when the summer heat gets onto our nerves, the only port in the storm would be to pacify the growing intense heat by visiting a hill station! Don’t you agree with me? Ah! There I see all the eager beavers, springing up and down with joy on hearing the word ‘hill station’. But which hill station should we visit? Should we plan an international vacation? Well, what is the need to shed so much money when we have some of the most captivating and beautiful hill stations in our very own country, that is, India!

Alright, not beating about the bush anymore, let me disclose the name of the queen of hill stations. Yes, that is Mussoorie! Mussoorie is a scenic beauty present in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan Range. It is a ravishing 35 km drive from Dehradun. And do you know, what is the best time to visit this queen of mountains? Well, let me tell you the different months when you can have a whale of a time there, according to the different seasons!

So, if you are planning to visit Mussoorie in the hot intense summers, then consider the period from March to June. This would be the best time if you are an adventure freak! While if you want to catch the snow-bound views during the winters, then visit any time between October and February and catch those drop-dead gorgeous lands veiled under the shiny snow! And yes, if you are not an adventure enthusiast and are just finding a place for solitude, then perhaps the monsoon season could be the best deal for you. But remember, this could be prone to risks as these hill stations face landslides during the monsoon season, so watch out!

Now let us move on to next phase. After having decided when to visit this hill station, next what we need to plan is what all will we do out here! So here is a list of some of the must- visit places in Mussoorie only for you all!


Heard of artificial lakes? Well, if you visit this place, then you could even see one! That’s right, Mussoorie lake is an artificial lake which does not look like one! With its enthralling beauty and spellbound views, this place offers a range of finger licking snacks and to top it all with a perfect icing, it has boating facilities too! So about sit and enjoy the beautiful views in a boat?


Ever seen a camel in a hill station? Did I just stop you dead in your tracks? Well, I certainly know that these hill stations has surely a lot of surprises for you! Well, this road is a fitting testament to a perfect walk with nature. It is generally hustling and bustling with people during summers. The road extends from Liberty Point to Kulri Bazaar and is about 3km long. And at the end of the road, what do you find? Well, there is a camel’s back shaped ridge which is presently formed from rocks. It’s a lovely site to witness and can keep you captivated for sure!


Are you birdwatcher enthusiast? Well then this place is a must visit for you then. Mussoorie is equipped with a rich and vivid flora and fauna. Hence bird watching becomes an essential part of the trip. With many colorful and rare species of birds present under one roof, it is surely a site which one would cherish!


Visiting a hill station and not witnessing a waterfall is like a school, not teaching lessons! So if you wish to estrange yourself for some time from the hustle and bustle of the everyday lives and want to soak yourself in the spellbound view and melodious gush of the waterfall, then you must pay a visit to this beautiful place in Mussoorie!


Do you want to witness the pristine beauty of the snow-capped Himalayas? Well then visit this place, which is said to be the highest peak in Mussoorie and is known to provide splendid views of snow covered Himalayas with the help of Japanese telescope!


Do you have a knack for adventure? Are you willing to drown in the enjoyment of adventures? Then this is the aptest place for you! Full to the brim with adventures like valley crossing, parallel ropes, skiing, rappelling, sky riding and many more, this place is full of surprises! I know your mouth has already started watering for these adventures, right?


Do you want to get into the divine atmosphere of the temple and dip in the colors of Tibetans? Then do visit this beautiful temple which is popular among the locals as well as the tourists. It depicts Tibetan culture and its rich heritage.

I’m sure by now you must have started day dreaming about visiting Mussoorie, right? So, don’t wait any more for the opportunity to knock, just build a door and get going!

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