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What are the Most Haunted Places in India?

Horror is a part of the thrill that adventurers seek for and India can give you thousands of such experiences. For many people, it’s basically fun, and for others, it is exploration. People do love to go to these places, and many of them are in search of something supernatural.

We will be discussing 4 of the most horror paces in India-

  • Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan– this one is titled with the most haunted place in India. This Fort has a beautiful story of being haunted and hearing it can make you get more chills in visiting it. It is a story of an evil priest or a tantric who fell in love with the princess of the Fort, and he tried to make her fall in love with him using his evil spells.

However, he didn’t succeed and was put to death. Before dying, he cursed the whole place and made the kingdom fall. People say the place is still cursed, and you can feel the evil destroying you. The Archeological Survey Of India has put a signboard there as a warning to enter the province.

  • Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal– this place is also one of the most Horror places in India. The stories can give you Goosebumps, and hence this boarding school and high school is believed to be a place for many evil spirits. There are complaints that the tourists and visitors have reported that they saw an un-headed boy in the woods. For years the place is found with many dead bodies and all of these appeared mysteriously.
  • Agrasen ki Baoli, New Delhi– it is a complete wonder to observe such a piece of beauty. It is protected and given a special tag from the Archeological Survey Of India. It is a very ancient place, and it’s beautifully made architecturally. The place is called haunted, and people fear even to step inside here.

There are claims that tell the place is haunted by some of the deadliest spirits following shadows. Visitors have felt the presence, and they tell that even a stop inside this place has made them sick and filled up with negative thoughts.

  • Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan– Rajasthan is famous for horror places, and this village is one of the strangest spots in India. It is said that in the year 1825 an incident took place in the village. Villagers living here and the people of 83 more such surrounding villages got disappeared in the air, and the place got cursed so that no one can ever live there.

The story behind this disappearance was all about protecting the girl. The minister of the village fell in love with a girl from the village and was forcing her to be with him, or he decided to punish the whole village by imposing some big taxes. To protect her, all the villagers got disappeared cursing the place to be never habituated by humans.


All the stories, the previous experiences people do have over these places promote the excitement to visit over such a place. India is one of the countries that had a beautiful history, and people have different faith out there. These faiths and beliefs fill some of the places over the country with horror and hidden mysteries. We have mentioned above the top ten haunted places in India.

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