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Most Beautiful Places in The World To Visit

Most Beautiful Places in The World To Visit

Are you done with your travel list? We know that the decision to make is so difficult sometimes. You may have a fixed budget but to match the destination with your budget is very difficult. So, let’s help you out here to list down the famous places to explore with relevant budget details.

1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

An amazingly amaze place to see once in a life, it’s one of the most visited tourist destinations and has the world’s largest coral reef surrounded by beautiful beaches.

You can find many options there like scuba diving, sharks/whales watching, water transparency through open boats.

Nearest Place- Queensland

Budget- 1.10 Lacs per person for 4 days

2. Venice, Italy

No doubt, it’s a city of dreams; or city of Canals with over 400 bridges and many islands. Like India’s Dal lake’s houseboat, you can enjoy a Gondola ride to explore Venice for beautiful churches, markets, etc.

Nearest Place– Venice airport

Budget- 1.5 Lacs per person for 3 days.

3. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The hot spring source of the blue lagoon is the most tourist attraction and has been considered under the world’s wonder. Tourist not only comes here to enjoy site scenes but also for skin related treatments.

Nearest airport- Keflavik International Airport

Budget- 1.7 Lacs per person for 4 days

4. Tianzi Mountains, China

The mountain is situated at the highest peak of 4130ft above sea level. The amazing view of forests, mountains, waterfalls, etc.

Nearest Airport- Zhangjiajie Hehua

Budget- 1 Lac per person 4 days

5. Amazon River, Brazil 

The Amazon River is the vein for the most ranged wider rainforest in the world. The river’s total journey distance is of almost 6400 km. The forest has great flora and fauna and especially the wildlife attracts tourists a lot.

Nearest Airport- Manaus airport

Budget- 1.3 Lac per person 4 days

6. Railay, Thailand

Railay, Thailand, the motor road less place, where one can be only through boats, limestone resources, caves, and rocky small mounts are the major attraction which emits its beauty especially at the time of sunset.

Nearest Airport- Krabi International Airport

Budget- 60000 INR per person 3 days

7. Antarctica

Antarctica the coldest, windiest, snow desert situated at the lonely part of the world and can only be traveled if you can handle extreme weather conditions. It is connected with Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and America to travel by cruise only.   

Nearest Airport- Ushuaia – Malvinas Argentinas International Airport 

Budget- 5 Lacs per person 7 days

8. Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska

Fjords are a term which creates by the erosion of snow from the glaciers. This region is home to Orca. One of the most chilled places in the world. The different shapes of snow cuts give the tourist a jaw-dropping view.

Nearest Airport– Anchorage

Budget- 3 Lacs per person 4 days

9. Temples of Bagan, Burma (Myanmar)

The Bagan temples are dedicated to Budhha from 11th centuries. The architecture is amazing and steals your eyes for a moment. You can enjoy a hot air balloon and admire the beauty of temples from a sky view. The nigh life camping from a distance also attracts tourists to capture the lights magic of the podium in their cameras.

Nearest Airport– Nyaung U

Budget- 1 Lac per person 4 day

10. Petra, Jordan

The ancient city of Petra, Jordan is an architectural masterpiece. Its rocky crafted structure attracts tourists which were crafted in early 312 BC. Petra was named a UNESCO World Heritage site too.

Nearest Airport– Aqaba

Budget- 1 Lac per person 4 day

Top 7 Beautiful Places in The World:-


7 least visited countries in the world
7 least visited countries in the world

I had the chance to not bad travel in my life. Here are the 7 sites which I have marked during the course of my discoveries and this is not easy to make a choice. Between historical sites and beautiful landscapes, we go through 4 continents with South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. In a few words, I would give you can be the envy to go there if this is not already done.


Hong kong macau accomodations
Hong kong macau accomodations

Hong Kong and its quick-paced vitality pull in newcomers for its confounding way of life. Macau is only a 62 KM ride from Hong Kong. Hong Kong and Macau have a gathering of most wonderful spots to be visited. Hong Kong and Macau are dream regions for a perfect break. Hong Kong and Macau offer stacked with experience trips for the pilgrims. The endless advancement of Hong Kong will leave you in shock. The spots to visit in Hong Kong Macau are vast which makes them a dream event trip region for the voyagers. You should plan something like 7 days of a get-away journey to Hong Kong and Macau.

3. Best Places to Visit in Canada

Best place to visit in Canada
Best place to visit in Canada

Canada is a country in the northern part of North America covering 9.98 million square KM area with 10 provinces. There are many tourists’ places in Canada which pulls the tourists towards it. Indians like Canada a lot so they stay there as permanent residencies in a good number and same way many tourists visit Canada every year. Though the tour will be quite expensive but managing with some budget hotel deals, you can make it pocket-friendly and a perfect escape time with family to the tour of Canada. The winters can freeze you so hard so it’s better to choose the mid-season to visit Canada.

4. Real Tourist Attractions of Paris

paris tourist attractions
paris tourist attractions

The dream city, city of love and City of lights. One city many nicknames. The city never sleeps. Being the capital of France the city is a hub of finance, entertainment, fashion, etc. The city is not limited to finance and business marketing but also has a big tale of beautiful churches, old monuments, and castles. Let’s discuss the most attractive places in Paris.

5. Best Places To Visit In Australia

best places to visit in Australia
best places to visit in Australia

A separate continent and island which is located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. It is the richest country to explore n number of things to thrill you. Island, water sports, hills, zoo, and sand many more things you can find in Australia to rejuvenate you. Australia has something special to offer every tourist – the best places to visit in Australia.

6. Best Places To Visit in Dubai And Abu Dhabi

best places to visit in dubai
best places to visit in dubai

Dubai Mall is the city’s premier mall and provides entry to the Burj Khalifa, as well as the Dubai Aquarium. The place is full of fun like games, theatres, skating many more things to spend your day. Arab’s food to continental food, with a mingling of music, can be enjoyed there. Best time to visit in January when there is a shopping festival in Dubai.

7. Top 5 Cheapest International Holiday Destinations

top 5 Cheapest international holiday destinations
top 5 Cheapest international holiday destinations

When it comes to cheap and the best place to spend your holidays, a few Southeast Asian countries are the best. Here we have selected the Himalayan, island and mainland places. The below-mentioned are the top 5 Cheapest international holiday destinations, which come under your budget tour.

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