Meghalaya Tourism, Places to Visit In Northeast India

meghalaya tourism
meghalaya tourism


Do you know where Meghalaya is? Well, ofcourse you all know! I can see an array of hands being raised, all looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! Now, the next question for you is: what does Meghalaya actually mean? Now, it’s time for you to put on your thinking caps, right? Well, you don’t have to press your brain too much, here I am disclosing what Meghalaya actually means. Meghalaya means ‘the abode of clouds’. And did you know that Meghalaya is a Sanskrit word! Yes, you heard that right!

Alright, so moving on, what should be the next thing you should know about this place? Well of course, one should know the best time to visit this place. How about visiting this place between October to April? Yes, that is virtually the best time to visit this lovely hill station snuggled in the North-Eastern part of our country.

But once we are in this beautiful place, where should we go in order to have a whale of a time, enjoying the beauty and ambiance of this queen of hills? Well, this place is an abode to an array of destinations, different strokes for different folks! So look out where you want to visit! Are you ready to begin the journey?


Heard of double-decker buses? Or perhaps the double-decker trains? But have you ever heard about double-decker bridges? Well, now this is the very first thing in Meghalaya that can knock off your socks! And to add fuel to the fire, let me tell you that it is located in the region which receives plenty of rainfall and as a result, one has to climb about 2000 slippery steps to reach this difficult peak! Nevertheless, this site is a fitting testament to the strength of our ancient structures and has been standing tall ever since its inception!


Do you have a knack for historical things? Well then, this becomes a must visit place for you then! Do you want to gain insights into the history of North-east? Then visit this wonderful museum which would fulfill all your aspirations! To add icing to the cake, the museum also houses a library which is a vast source of knowledge about the 7 sisters of northeast India. So do you want to fill up your pockets with some knowledge?


No hill station is ever complete without a magnificent lake, right? To complete the beauty of Meghalaya, Umiam Lake comes as a helping hand. Its drop-dead gorgeous view could leave you dumbfounded. And yes, this lake, during summers also offers a lot of water adventures! And for sure, no lake is ever complete without boating, right? Yes, you are right, this lake also offers you access to an unbelievingly picturesque beauty of the lake through boating!


Ever been to a dark cave with utterly narrow paths entwined within one another, just like the branches of a creeper like money plant? Well then, if this darkness pumps your adrenaline, then you must visit these caves! It may seem like too daunting a task but it could give you the experience of a lifetime. So do try out this experience!


We know of areas surrounded by water on four sides, areas which are surrounded by land on four sides, but this place is surrounded by four different landscapes that can drop bombshells on you! While the north opens up windows to the tall Himalayas, the south opens the doors to Bangladesh. As one moves towards the east, one can find the Khasi Hills, while if you go towards the west, you would meet the Garo Hills. Isn’t this place full of surprises?

For sure, Meghalaya has so much in store for us. So what should our next step be? Shouldn’t we open our arms wide enough to allow some clean breathing air of Meghalaya fill in? So, get ready to experience this beautiful place. Book your tickets soon and enjoy swinging in the lap of this beautiful hill state! Wishing you a happy and wonderful journey!

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