Leh Ladakh Trip- Best Time To Visit In Ladakh

leh ladakh trip best time
leh ladakh trip best time


Are you fed up of the intensely hot summers? Does the sweltering heat plagues through you? Well then, what do you think could be the solution so that these summers don’t become an apple of discord between us and the sun? Any guesses? Yes, that’s a great suggestion! Visiting a place with cool climate, packed with snow all around could be the best idea, right? And here we begin searching for places far way in the west or perhaps in the east. But did we just forget that our own country is a bowl full of different climates? Where one part of our country experiences the blazing hot sun, the other covers itself under the snow. Yes, this is our country. The country we should be proud of.

Alright, not getting into the patriotism of our country, let us focus on which place could cool down our mind and body with its cool climate. Well, after a lot of persistent thinking, I found out Leh and Ladakh! Yes, it is the place in our very own Northern State of Jammu and Kashmir, extending right into the Siachen Glacier! Did the word ‘glacier’ give you goosebumps? Well, there’s a lot more in this place to knock you down with feather!

But before I fill in your pockets about what all this place has in store for you, let me first tell you that what would be the perfect time to visit this place. Any guesses, by the way? Well, let me tell you that the month of September is perhaps the best time to visit here. Thinking why? This is because the roads are unclogged and the pleasant weather will just soothe your mind and body as the rainy season has just approached closure! Having known when to visit Leh- Ladakh, let us now find out where should we go to drown ourselves in the seemingly beautiful places at Leh-Ladakh!


How many of you have seen the movie 3 idiots? Oh well, almost all of you have! Wasn’t it a great movie? And how about the lake that you could see right at the end of the movie when Kareena Kapoor is seen confessing her love? Wasn’t that lake drop dead gorgeous? Well, what if I tell you that you could visit this lake? Oh, did I just drop bombshells on you? Yes, it is no more a figment of your imagination. This beautiful lake is a resident of Leh and Ladakh! Pangong Tso is a beautiful lake with the back drop of snow capped mountains that adds years to its beauty. It is an extremely popular spot among travelers and so you must pay a visit to this place!


Do you have a thing for trekking and mountaineering? Then probably this place should be the first in your list! Providing an array of vivid adventures, this place is also known for being a transit hubs and a home to roads leading to Leh and Srinagar. And yes, it is situated on the banks of Indus river, which makes it all the more lively and enjoyable!


Have you ever seen a desert amid the cold snowy mountains? Did I just knock you down with feather? Well, don’t look so dazzled! This is actually true! Nubra Valley is a home to a vast desert brimming with sand dunes. Seen Arabian Nights? Well, you’ll get the exact same exposure here too! So don’t forget to visit this place!

For sure a trip to Leh Ladakh is something that each traveler dreams of. So let your dreams turn into reality! Make it now or never!

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  1. Ladakh is well known for its beautiful lakes, the mountains, the rivers, and mostly the climate and environment. Most people call it paradise some call it heaven, I have a very different term for it, “spiritual”. I have already visited Leh-Ladakh and I was lost in the beauty the place. It’s so pure and calming. I will definitely share this article with my friends so that they can get an idea of how beautiful Leh-Ladakh is.

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