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7 Least Visited Countries in the World

7 least visited countries in the world
7 least visited countries in the world

I had the chance to not bad travel in my life. Here are the 7 sites which I have marked during the course of my discoveries and this is not easy to make a choice. Between historical sites and beautiful landscapes we go through 4 continents with the South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. In a few words I would give you can be the envy to go there if this is not already done.

Syria: Palmyra (historic site)

Palmyra is can be one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in the world. This ancient city is lost in the Syrian Desert. Since the beginning of the conflict the site has been placed on the List of World Heritage in Danger. I hope that one day we will be able to return there to get lost in these streets and alleys lined with columns in the middle of the sands.

Jordan: Petra (historic site)

It is one of the mythical sites of enthusiasts of archeology but not only. The arrival on the site of this old capital of the Nabataeans by a canyon very narrow is breathtaking. We then come before one of the most beautiful tombs dug in the rock of the world the Khazneh. But the site houses several graves grandiose and a theater dug in the rock. In addition depending on the day the color of the stone changes and gives moments Wonderland to the discovery of this site. The site is classified with the World Heritage.

Libya: Ghadames (historic site)

Libya is also a country which deserves a visit but with the recent events it is hard to get there. Three major sites m have marked. Sabbratha and its ancient theater, one of the most beautiful of the Roman world, Leptis Magna One of the most beautiful archeological sites of the Roman world and the city of the desert of Ghadames. This oasis is lost in the desert on the border between Libya, Tunisia and Algeria. Although it is no longer inhabited, people can easily get lost in the maze of narrow streets lined with houses with white walls. The site is classified with the World Heritage.

Egypt: Abu Simbel (historic site)

It is for me the site the most imposing of Egypt. It must be said that I discovered in two different ways. The first time quickly as often when one makes a trip to Egypt. The second time I have made a cruise on the lake Nasser with an arrival in front of the site with the music of the movie trucks of fire. I have in addition spent the night in front of the site and I attended at the time to a wonderful sound and lights which gives me unforgettable moments for lifetime.

Madagascar: the massif of Isalo (natural site)

This park is one of the most beautiful of the island red. It is a mountainous massif that extends on nearly 100 kilometers from north to south, semi-desert and strewn with deep canyons and bristling with peaks. You can perform several walks in the park to discover its wonders and its landscapes, its natural pools and to discover species endemic to this region as lemurs, birds, insects and plants strange.

Ouzbkistan: the oasis of Khiva (historic site)

Lost to the edge of the desert Uzbek, the Khiva oasis hosts an ancient city in perfect condition, Ichan Kala. Surrounded by impressive walls the city was the ultimate stage of the caravan before crossing the desert in the direction of the Iran. It has kept its architecture of the city of this region of the world between the 17th and 19th century, with its palace, its mosques, its walls and its médersas. The site is classified with the World Heritage.

Nepal: The Kathmandu Valley (historic site)

There are several sites to visit in the Kathmandu Valley as the two major pagodas of Swayanbunath and Boudhnath but also the two ancient cities of Patan and Bhaktapur with their architectures if specific.  There are so many ultimate things to do & see in Kathmandu. Finally there are two major religious sites, Pashupatinath large site sacred to the Hindus and Dakshinkali the large sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Kali.

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