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Is Travelling in India Safe right now after Covid-19?

Countries have been lifting the lockdown, which has been implemented from the last few months. During the lockdown, there were several restraints, and the foremost one is the restriction on moving out. 

As India has started with unlocking 4.0, many sectors and industries are opened, including tourism. People embrace this ‘new normal’ lifestyle with gloves on the hands, mask on the face, and sanitizer in the pocket. 

Throughout the lockdown, multiple industries have been crashed with massive losses in their business, and primary of all is the tourism industry, which is affected the most. 

As we all know, during the movement from one place to another, the odds of transmission are higher. Due to this speculation, the government has forced a lockdown in the entire country for a safeguard. 

In every nation, tourism is the only sector where the government and residents earn a lot of profit. But due to the epidemic, travelling has bounded to control the crisis among people. 

Is it safe to travel in the pandemic?

This puzzle may strike in millions of minds with a concern to travel. However, as the lockdown is uplifting, businesses return on the trail as they were used to earlier. 

With some relaxation in lockdown uplifting 4.0, avenues of travel is also unfolding. Indian airlines are back on track since 25th May 2020, when the aviation minister signalled with the green flag for domestic flights. However, international flights will take time to continue its operations throughout the country; until then, we can fly domestically. 

Moving on to the determination to travel, which is absolute upto you. Yet, we would recommend you, do not travel unless it is critical. Nevertheless, if you have decided to travel during the pandemic, pack your personal safety items, such as hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, cap, etc., which will guard you against transmitting the plague. 

Before touring any state in India, examine their rules & regulations properly because many Indian states haven’t lifted the lockdown. 

Check all the points from minor to major. Are they allowing flights? Are they asking for a travel pass and corona report? Do they allow tourists other than natives? Are road transport services back to the road? Now all these items are counted under a new checklist after a corona. 

Remember, no transportation mode will provide you with a guarantee for safer travelling. Be it Airways or roadways, railways, or waterways; each mode has a threat of transmission, and you can’t deny the exposure risk. 

Presently, Indian airways is the safest mode of travelling but not entirely. Airlines take proper safety standards, which is remarkable. They reduce passenger’s close contact by taking important measures such as before reaching the airport; a passenger must have an Arogya Setu app in his/her mobile with a healthy report. Each airline provides face shield masks to the passengers to protect their faces; they measure passengers’ temperature on the departure gates. Also, assist them with digital boarding passes, etc.


We advise you to stay at home and don’t travel this year unless it is necessary. Day by day, Indian states are reporting the rise in coronavirus cases, and with this aspect, your chances of getting infected are very high while travelling.

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