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How to Plan North Goa Trip By Car

north goa trip
north goa trip

Do you love road trips? Then head for Goa. This party capital of India is a great place for a two-wheeler or four-wheeler trip.

These trips are adventurous and relaxing at the same time.  Besides that, road trips are always a life-changing experience.

North Goa is best for a road trip because of varied options available to everyone. The plus point is that you can cover all the places to visit in North Goa at your own pace.

Now, there are two ways for a car trip in North Goa-

  • Start a road trip by car from your home location. You can rely on GPS or other navigation systems. This option is best when you are planning to visit Goa in a large group (more than 5 people). An experienced group leader is a must in this case. If you had road trips in the past then go for it. The bonus point is that the journey helps you to explore the routes and roads in a broader range. On the contrary, a long journey is guaranteed. Opt for night stays and traveling during the day. Take note of nearby patrol pumps and gas stations.
  • Secondly, you can reach Goa by train or flight and then you can rent a car or bike as per your requirement. There are various options for self-driven cars in Goa. Visit a local car rental service and rent a car. You can rent as per budget and requirements. The charges are often calculated per day. You can opt for Go Goa Car Rentals. It is considered as the best car rental service option among the tourists.

Now let us discuss the routes for road trips.

1.Panjim to Chorla Ghats via Belgium highway –

This route in North Goa is the best option for a smoother journey. The roads through hills, picturesque dense forests of Western Ghats are eye soothing and calming. Opt for this route if you want to feel peace while adrenaline pumps through your veins. The route is also great for a romantic long drive.

2.Panaji to Netravali falls via Vichundrem –

Best time to visit: September- November

It is a trip from north Goa to south Goa. It’s a great option for nature lovers. Drive through the rubber plantations, sugarcane fields to reach south Goa. Enjoy the picture perfect Netravali falls after the monsoon.

3.Panjim- Diver- Chorao- Panjim –

It is a short distance trip that offers a great experience. Choose this option if you intend to have a shorter trip. This route will help you to revisit the Portuguese colonial era and the remains of it. Stop at Salim Ali bird sanctuary for bird watching. Do not forget to explore the islands.

4.Mapusa to Saligo via Parra –

This route is for non-geared bikes. The route must be experienced in slow motion. Ride through the watermelon plantations and enjoy nature. Stop by the church of St. Anne and Lake Ganesh Tollem. This route must be covered during day time only as it becomes very dark at night.

5.Panjim to Ponta De Linhares via causeway –

This is a very short distance (12 km) trip for you. Choose this for a day-long trip. The bike is most preferred. But car rental services are also available here. Try to travel during the early morning, late night or evening. This route connects the old Goa or Goa Velha with Panjim. Experience the old colonial era architectural creations and ruins while you drive alongside Mandovi River.

Stop by the local restaurants to grab a filling. Take a day to explore the Panjim city. If your time permits visit the casinos at the night. Explore the best places in North Goa by a wonderful car drive.

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