Darjeeling Tourism India – Best Places To Visit

darjeeling tourism
darjeeling tourism


How many of you are history enthusiasts? Oh, that’s quite a lot of you! So, you must be knowing which place used to be the summer resort for the Britishers, right? The place where they would drop in, in order to escape from the gruesome heat of summers. Any guesses? Yes, you people are right! That place is Darjeeling! I know I have knocked some of you down with a feather, haven’t I?

Darjeeling is a beautiful town, making its space right in the foothills of Himalayas. And do you what is present in the backdrop of this beautiful town? The drop dead gorgeous Mount Kanchenjunga! For sure, it is difficult to find such a place in the heart of our country, isn’t it? So, why not visit this place and make hay while the sun shines? But then the very obvious question arises, which all places should we visit. Don’t feel down in the dumps any more as we, the Digital Marketing Deal team is here to paddle your canoe through hot waters. So, let us now begin our journey and figure out what all places can we visit in this magnificent town of Darjeeling!


Friends, this is not just a normal railway line, it’s our very favorite toy train! Not just kids, but even the elders enjoy this little journey which moves at a snail’s pace and allows us to breathe in the breathtaking views of the mountains. At some stations, it also allows us to hop on and hop off too! One can hop off and click pictures with spellbound backdrops! So, you just can’t afford to miss this part of Darjeeling at all!


I’m sure you must be having this bee in your bonnet that when we have the enormous Kanchenjunga to look at, why should we pay any heed to the Tiger Hill. But people, if you want to catch the winsome view of the very first sun rays casting a shadow on the hills and veiling it in the hues of orange, then you must visit this place. Special announcement for all the avid photographers out there, don’t miss this opportunity and get some beautiful clicks!


Are you a follower of Lord Shiva? I’m sure you must be perplexed as to why am I asking you this question. Well, if you are a follower of Lord Shiva, then let me tell you that this place has surprises packed for you! Amid the lush greens of this park lie a large statue of Lord Shiva. With a beautiful landscape all around, this place provides you with serenity and a sense of calm.

Well, these were some of the places which you must visit while you are in Darjeeling. But then, one should always remember when to visit Darjeeling as the rainfall could make or even break your day! So here we are at your service to give in some knowledge in your kitty as to what would be the perfect time to visit Darjeeling!

Well, you should plan out your trip between October to March when you could enjoy the slightly cold weather and free yourself from the gigantic rainfall. And yes, despite having the enormous Mount Kanchenjunga in its backdrop, this place hardly sees any snowfall, so you don’t have to go nuts about the snowfall destroying your trip, alright?

So plan out your trip to Darjeeling well in advance and avoid the rainy season. And yes, do let us know about your experiences by commenting in the section below! Happy and safe journey!

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