Chennai Tourism- The Soul Of South India

chennai tourism
Chennai Tourism

From old temples with intriguing history to world’s second largest beach, Chennai (formerly Madras) has a lot to offer. Even with its hot and humid climate, the beautiful city makes you fall in love. The best time to travel is from October to February as the city experiences gentle cool breezes even during the daytime. Plus, the very famous festival – Pongal is celebrated all over the city when the whole city is dressed like a bride while the famous Music & Dance festival is held in December.

‘Fourth largest city of India’, ‘India’s Misty City’, the city has plenty of tourist attractions that one can explore, irrespective of the weather, language suffocation (generally, tourists don’t know their native language), crowded roads and more. The city never fails to impress you and loses the old-world charm that urges you to never say ‘Alvida’ to it.

Being the fourth largest Metropolitan city, Chennai has many skyscrapers that offer a scenic panorama of the whole city along with its coastline. Dotted with a multitude of old temples such as the Parthasarathy Temple, the Ashtalakshmi Temple, etc., the city is called the city of temples.

Chennai – A Home To The World’s Second Largest Beach!

Marina Beach is it! Yes, Marina beach is the second largest beach in the urban world. Whether you make a trip to Chennai solo or along a company, always include Marina Beach in your itinerary. The best time to enjoy the charm of white sands of this beach is early in the morning when the weather isn’t humid.

You will be amazed to see how far the beach is stretched far into the horizon making it the most demanding tourist spot. It attracts almost thirty thousand locals and tourists every day. You can spend 2-3 hours over here and capture spectacular views while doing sight-seeing.

Things To Explore In Marina Beach

  • It has a beautiful aquarium with deep-sea fishes in it. Take a tour and adore the aqua world. It is India’s first aquarium that was established back in 1909.
  • Enjoy the heroic feel by taking a horseback ride along the shore.
  • Take a seaside walk and feel the peaceful waves mesmerizing your feet.
  • It has the ‘Ice House’. It is said that the ice was brought from North American lakes under the British rule.
  • Enjoy some lip-smacking, delicious South Indian cuisines from the vendors over there.

Magnificent Temples in Chennai

Bustling streets, peaceful beaches, skyscrapers don’t summarize the complete Chennai. Artistic, Heritage temples actually add to its beauty. With rich intriguing history and incredible architecture, the temples of Chennai are admired by architectural fanatics other than devotees and religious people.

I personally adore Kapaleeswarar temple which is dedicated to Arulmigu Kapleeshwar- the form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Karpagambal- the form of Parvati. Built in the 7th century by Pallavas, the architecture has a great resemblance to the Dravidian style with wooden & stone carvings, beautiful pillars at the doorway. This temple is opened on all days except Mondays when opening hours are from 5:30 am to 12 Noon and 5 pm to 9 pm.

Best Time To Visit In Chennai

The Tourist Season: The best time to plan your trip is between November to February. Though the normal temperature is 20-25 degree Celsius in these months. However, you would gentle cool breeze during the day as well. These are also known as winter months of the year.

The Feel of Being at Egypt: If somehow, you travel between March to June, you will be irked by its hot and humid climate which is considered as the hottest time of the year with normal temperature as 40 degree Celsius or even beyond. As these are the summer months, you get great hotel deals at this time of the year.

The Rainiest Monsoon: If you wish to travel between July and September, you will experience harsh and heavy rainfall with strongest winds. This part of South India experiences heavy and longest monsoon. Somehow, if you wish to travel during this time make sure to carry umbrella and raincoat while going out. Being near to the sea, the monsoons become angry sometimes.

I had my visit to this beautiful city during the peak season of the year and had the best times over there exploring temples and churches. Let me know your experience in the comment below!

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