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What are the Budget Travel Destinations after COVID-19?

COVID-19 disease caused by the novel Coronavirus has infected the world badly and has caused many lives. People are suffering, and everyone has to stay in their homes to stop the mass spread of this virus.  Almost all the bi countries with high population have imposed lockdowns closing offices, schools, colleges and every public place.

Even travelling has been restricted to stop the mass spread. All the travel freaks and wanderers have restricted their plans and are staying home. Even when the pandemic ends people won’t be lest financially stable so here is a list of some budget travel destinations after the COVID-19.

  • Vietnam- Even before the pandemic, this was a big-budget travel destination. However, it is a fact that Vietnam shares a border with China, and hence it is dangerous to be there. It is very evident that every destination you visit in the upcoming year has to be visited under strict precautions as wearing masks and sanitizing. Talking on the budget section on account, this country still is one of the best as the economy more or less will be the same for the travellers.
  • Myanmar- This destination is very much safe than all the others as the population of Myanmar per cubic area is very less. This makes the spread very limited. The place is bestowed with some of the most beautiful wonders of nature, and you cannot miss this out of your bucket list if you are a natural wanderer. Now the twist here is that normally Myanmar is not a cheap location, but due to the pandemic, it is now an easy spot.
  • Thailand- same as Myanmar this location didn’t get infected a lot as the population is very restricted and the government contained the people very efficiently. Thailand is famous for its cultural beauty. The special traditions and their ways to present it is still safe, and no pandemic can ever disturb it. Thailand has always been keen on its tourism and has welcomed people to enjoy Thailand. This still remains the same so take your masks and book tickets for Thailand.
  • Laos– if you ask for the safest place to visit in this pandemic era Laos is the place to visit. Just 19 infected patients and all recovered. The government made the infection restricted to a region. If you want to be in a place where you want to be as normal as we were before the pandemic, this is your place.

There is no social distancing, mask, and you just need minimum precautions to be here as COVID-19 is not with the people of this destination. It is also a complete natural hotspot and relatively cheaper. Coronavirus had made even the things go cheaper so a perfect escape to the pandemic world.


It is true that we are in a pandemic and it’s high time to risk anything but that doesn’t mean we stop living. It is Hope what keeps us alive, and for travellers, these destinations are their hopes. So pack your backpacks and pray for the best.

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