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How many of us love to shop? Oh, your shouts and screams have made it quite evident that almost all of us love to shop! Well, then if you are ready to shop till you drop then here we are to guide you exactly what should you shop for when you are away from your home, in a place like Ooty! 

Having ants in your pants after hearing that you could go on a vacation to Ooty? Well then let me tell you that the best time to visit Ooty is October to June! After knowing the best time to visit this place, the next thing that you must know is what all are the things that this place is famous for! So, don’t even waste a minute and do buy the things mentioned below when you go to Ooty! Get, set and go!


This is a must-buy for all the people who are heading out to Ooty. If you don’t buy these chocolates, then your trip would surely be incomplete! These chocolates are handmade and are extremely delicious. So, if you wish to get a taste of this lip-smacking food, then buy these chocolates as these are one of the most famous things which Ooty is known for!

  1. TEA

One can surely find tea plantations in abundance here. So, how many of you are tea lovers? Oh, that’s a lot of you! Well then, you must taste the natural tea that they serve! And did you know that they offer tea in a gazillion of varieties? Right from the normal tea to the chocolate tea to the ginger tea to the masala tea to the cardamom tea and what not! Surely their tea will knock you down with a feather. Don’t miss out their tea, which is another thing that Ooty is extremely famous for!


Well, did you know that most of the locals in Ooty are indulged in bee-keeping? Oh, did I just knock off your socks? Well, that’s true! This is simply because honey is their native! One can find the purest honey in Ooty! Also, if you are a strawberry lover, then here’s a little surprise in store for you! Ooty has a wide range of fresh strawberries! So, don’t forget to buy these two things when in Ooty, alright?


Are you a handicraft lover? Do you like to deck out your home in some traditional looks? Well, then don’t forget to check out the vast collection of antiques in Ooty. Also, one can find some great handicrafts at pocket-friendly prices. These handicrafts are surely a treat for the eyes. How can I miss onto the traditional jewellery that one can find here. So, dear ladies shop until you drop! 


Ooty is famous for its aromatic oils. Be it eucalyptus, citronella, camphor etc, all of these are available in abundance here. I’m sure you must be having a bee in your bonnet as to why are these aromatic oils available in abundance here. Well, the reason is simple because many of these trees, like eucalyptus grow in Ooty and hence the oils can be easily extracted from here. So, you can also expect some pocket friendly prices for these aromatic oils!

I’m sure this list would be enough for you to know what all is extremely famous in Ooty, right? So, if you are planning a vacation to Ooty, then don’t forget to bring these things along with you! What are you waiting for? Plan out your vacation soon!

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