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What do you like most about traveling?

Yes, I like traveling so much. Who doesn’t like it?  Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies and I do save to do traveling and go to different places and explore it. For me traveling means meeting new people, learning about their lifestyle- culture, tradition, food, make memories, and finding yourself in a different way. It’s a kind of wonderful experience. Traveling means it’s not about being rich or stay in a five-star hotel or eat fancy food instead we can perfectly stay in a cheap hotel and also eat cheap food. It totally depends on what we have in our minds.

Most about traveling

In traveling I can learn different things, meet inspiring people. It’s very important to develop myself about different cultures and it is pretty good to learn new skills. Travel inspires me to learn more, think more, and to better serve our world group. Traveling helps me to get away from the routine, and the daily work, and daily life and helps me to take a break from reality and it also gives chance to step out and explore the world.

There are many things which I love about traveling

So, read the article and you will get to know about these things.

  1. Adventure 

Adventure is one of the reasons I love traveling. Each travel is a new adventure, new challenges, and new memory and because of these things, not a single travel can compare each other, even if I visit a similar place over and over again. Every travel stories are different as some of them are fun, some of them are fun, some of them excited or the others might be sad. A trip is a perfect time to do something different and exciting, especially when I can’t do it at home. Most of the time it could be a physical experience, like Scuba diving, tracking, hiking, bungee jumping, etc. It feels a sense of accomplishment.

  1. Meet new people 

On my travels, I have always met amazing people. People who have created a special place in my heart. No matter if we met for a min or hour it turns out into a greater friendship. People are the ones, who make our trips more beautiful, more exciting and absolutely unforgettable. In my traveling, I have met many people who are not maybe educated but teach me the most important lessons in my life.

  1. New challenges

My daily life can be boring at times. Traveling is something that will take me out of my comfort zone and will challenge me to try something different and exciting. Meeting new people and going to new places will give me the exposure that I have been longing for. Challenging myself with the different things and ordering food when I don’t know the language or finding my way back to the hotel room. Overcoming these challenges gives me confidence. It teaches me the morals of life and pushes me to stand strong and straight.

  1. Food

Food is the best and essential thing that a person has in mind. No matter in which cities we live and diversity of hotels we get in that place but the taste of origin of that dish can’t be matched.   There is a very famous saying by our ancestors that “way to the heart is through the stomach and delicious food can make stomach very happy.

In short, Food is the way to win the heart of unknowns and build a happy memory. Just like an unknown chef from a different place can win our hearts through his food and we will remember him for life as an experience.

  1. Relaxing and revitalizing 

Every person in their life takes a break from their day-to-day life, finding relaxation and restrain themselves a little. I love to have relaxing vacations. I love to enjoy my life away from phones, email or social media. Travel definitely makes me happy; it helps me to overcome a bad phase or anything else, it boosts happiness and satisfaction.

  1. To visit family and friends

It is one of the best reasons I like most about travelling. Some family members and friends move to another place. It can be on the other side of the country or just in another country next to yours. No matter where they are but I am always ready to visit them. The good thing about visit family and friends is I get to catch up with my closeness and also get to know how they live.

  1. Culture 

Traveling is a voyage that is not bounded by states and countries and with each state and country we travel to, we get to know about different cultures, adversities with the way people live, and diversity in their heritage.

   It develops the bond that is tightening by a magnificent force of pure love and humility and traveling of people makes this thing possible. 

  We learn various things about the place in books, articles, and from our history but we can’t have a proper feel for it unless we experience it in real. Just like we cannot compare the experience of watching a movie in a theatre with watching it at home and in the same way we can’t feel about the place without visiting.

  1. Personality development

Traveling cannot be just seen as the way to experience different cultures and places but it helps in personal development and builds sheer persistence. Often, people are habitual of living the way which are comfortable to them and when suddenly adverse situation comes we face huge problems and traveling experience can eliminate this. New places bring different challenges with the atmosphere and surroundings. 

Just like if we are from India and going to Russia for the trip then the temperature will be the key factor that we have to deal with and it builds the character of “survival for fittest” and these experiences just not ends here but builds immense confidence in ourselves that we had been able to tackle that conditions then we will overcome this as well and we never give up.

  1. Social media 

I love sharing my pictures on social media to an extent. I think it’s a great way to stay connected with friends and family. For people who love to travel, social media like Instagram helps them share their beautiful moments.

  1. Helps me to move forward

Traveling to a different place can help me to gain peace of mind; can refresh me and that makes positive impact on my relationship as well. It nourishes my soul and shows me the beauty of life and gives me the message to live the life fullest within full of joy irrespective of circumstances.


Traveling makes me happy, it allows me to see the bigger picture of the world which makes me cherish the small things, and that’s one of the best qualities I can give myself.

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