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Travel In India – Best Destinations to Visit in 2021

How many of us have a knack for reading books? Or may be a magazine or a newspaper? Oh, I can see an array of hands being raised! Of course, we do read something or the other, right? But then, what if you were made to restrict yourself to just one page of your book? What if you were bulldozed into reading only the first page of your reading material? Wouldn’t it get monotonous? Well, similarly the world is like a book and if you don’t travel, you’ll end up reading just one page of it. wouldn’t that be a run-of-the-mill sort of a thing?

Alright, so what should we do about this problem then? We all have heard this famous saying that often the solution of the problem is the problem itself! So, the bone of contention in our case is that we do not travel much. And did we realize what are the abundant benefits of traveling?

To begin with, let me ask you a simple question. How would it be like if you were to be pinned to your mobile phone while it is getting charged? What if you couldn’t use it ever without disconnecting the mobile from the charger? I know you would curse me for this. But similarly let me tell you that this ‘disconnect’ is something that we need in our real lives too! The disconnect from the dull dreary routine of life. The disconnect from the stressful working hours. And travel acts as a helping hand to paddle our canoe through the stress waters and ultimately rescues us to happiness and relaxation! Can we say that it can impact our health tremendously in a positive manner? For sure, it does improve our health!

They say, one day’s exposure is much more beneficial than a cartload of books. And traveling provides you with just the right exposure. It fosters the ability to work with different people, know about their culture and languages. I’m sure you must be having a bee in your bonnet now that what advantage will this bring me in the long run? Well, in our workplace we have to deal with people of different backgrounds and personalities. Hence an exposure and rich experience like this would certainly help us in dealing with different people. Don’t you agree?

With the advent of technology, social media websites have become quite a hot potato, right? But have we ever pondered upon the fact that is the social media increasing or decreasing the distance between people? We have a multitude of friends on social media but do we actually speak to all of them? No, right? But when we travel, we come in contact with so many people and hence expand our social network by leaps and bounds. And who knows we may come across someone who may allow us to get on a gravy train!

Traveling may seem like an ordinary experience but believe it or not, we do cherish these memories at some point of time in our lives. They do leave an indelible mark on us. Well, if you don’t believe me, let me ask you a simple question. When you read the word ‘travel’, didn’t the last vacation you had walked in your mind gracefully? Your grin is your answer! So, friends decide whether you want to be a part of a group which regrets having not made any memories or you want to happily cherish those memories which you made while traveling? 

Traveling could be the most defining learning experience one can ever have. It is an abode of experiences. Sometimes what education falls short of teaching us, traveling experience can very well fit into the shoes of education. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s an example coming up for you then! When we travel alone at a place where we have never been to, we do feel shy and shaky initially but then don’t we gather the indomitable courage to face whatever comes? Don’t we manage things on our own without anyone’s helping hand? Aren’t we learning real life skills here? Of course we are! Hence we can say that traveling helps in the polishing of managerial skills and boosts our confidence too!

Alright, now let us come back from our vacation! We all feel so dull drowsy when we come back. But have you ever noticed that positive energy fills us and we get ready to face new challenges? Our mind becomes fresh and creative and ready to face the world!

So are you ready to face the world? Well, even if you aren’t, there’s nothing to worry about! Just choose your travel destination wisely and have a whale of a time while traveling! Traveling often leaves us speechless but for sure it turns us into a storyteller!

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