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Summer Vacation In India

Summer Vacation In India – Summer Holiday in 2021

Have you ever noticed the oxymoron in the words ‘summer vacation’? I bet you haven’t! And I even know the very reason behind this fact too! The sweltering summer finally brings in some good news, right? It brings with itself a cartload of holidays full to the brim with happiness and enjoyment. You can have a whale of a time while all your worries and work take a back seat. And what better can be a place to enjoy your vacations than India? Having a bee in your bonnet as to which all places in India can blow away the cobwebs? Well, there is a multitude of places to visit right from the northern part of our country to the southern and yes, from the part where the sun rises to the part where the sunsets. Let us have a look at some of the most thrilling places in India!


Are you addicted to nature’s beauty? Or do you possess that ‘adventure’ streak, then the Northern Kashmir Valleys is just what you need! With a beauty that is evergreen and extremely divine, topped with the jaw dropping beautiful valleys and rivers, it is a drop-dead gorgeous place to be in. So what are you waiting for? 


Do you know that the seven sisters of the Eastern part of our country are one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country? With a wide range of adventurous activities ranging from kayaking, rafting and trekking, these places are a must!


Are you looking out for travel destinations nested in the western ghats of the country?  Then this place will enthrall you with its verdant greenery and tranquil ambience. The pleasant climate will act as the perfect icing on the cake!


The queen of hill stations in South India has a resplendent landscape and a beauty that makes the place look like a million dollars. What’s more? Well, the pleasant and soothing climate is enough to give you a relaxed atmosphere. So are you ready to visit the southern part?

Indeed I must say that there are abundant places in our country across its length and breadth which one can visit in order to save ourselves from the scorching heat and take a dip in the amazing beauty of our hill stations. So are you ready to pack your bags for the summer vacations?

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