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A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you have been taking, right? So, let us put a break to the black mood of your boss who makes you a bear with a sore head. Let us put a break to the monotonous routine that we have to follow every day. Let us enjoy life for once rather than just living for the sake of living. 

Thinking how we can achieve all this? Well, the solution to all these problems is going on a vacation! Yes, you heard that right! Going on a vacation would blow away all these problems and put you in a happy paradise. And what better could be than to go for a vacation to Shillong? 

Well, if you are worrying about what time of the year would be the best to visit Shillong, then let me tell you that October to June is the best time to visit Shillong! So, here’s the time. Grab the most of it. Here’s the list of places that you should be visiting when in Shillong!


Do you wish to gain some sneaky peeks into the city of Shillong? Well, if that is the case then for sure you must visit this view point. Here, you can find the bird’s eye view of the entire city. The green-clad valley, the sober mountains and the beautiful sunset, adding the perfect ice to the cake! So, don’t miss this view point and click some nice pictures here!


Well, since we live in a country that is driven by a gazillion of different cultures, hence wouldn’t it be exciting to know about the culture, tradition, food habits and clothing of this new place? Well, surely this museum has all this in store for you! The traditional and local things displayed in this museum will definitely cut a dash. So, do visit this museum when you visit Shillong.


Do you wish to spend some quality time amid the lush green gardens with the beautiful flowers springing up all around? And what if all this is topped with a small water body and a little zoo? Wouldn’t it be the perfect ambience to spend your day in? Well, if you have been lately looking out for this luxurious environment then how about visiting this place? 


Is any mountainous place ever complete with these huge falls? Well, not at all! These falls is one of the tallest plunge waterfall in the country. Do you know at what height is it located? Well, it is located at a great height of about 1100 meters! Isn’t that great? These waterfalls are something that truly cut a dash! And to all the photographers out there, this is one of the best places for you to get hold of some nice, quirky pictures that would definitely cut a dash!


Surely our country’s Air Force has been doing some commendable work! And in order to commemorate their commendable job, this museum has been set up, which showcases the different tools, machinery, weapons, plane models being used. This place is a must visit. I vow you that you will enjoy the things kept as souvenirs there.

So, are you ready to make the most of your vacation to Shillong? Well, then book your tickets now, before the tickets get sold out and your mood gets blown! So, make hay while the sun shines and make the most of your vacation!

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