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Kedarkantha Trek: The Best Winter Trek

Kedarkantha Trek: The Best Winter Trek

There are a number of winter treks along the Himalayas, and Kedarkantha being one stands out of all, because of its extraordinary snow-stacked route. The trail to Kedarkantha Summit is challenging during winters but nevertheless the most exhilarating. A successful expedition to the top ridge of the Kedarkantha trek peak offers you a panoramic sight of other ice-capped glacial mountains.

The reason for exalting it as the best winter trek is because it resembles a frosted ambiance throughout the trail. The Kedarkantha peak stands at an elevation of 12,500 ft. above sea level. By the time you approach for higher inclinations, you realize your legs are inside 1feet of snow. The intensity level of training on the Kedarkantha trek varies from easy to moderate during winters and the beginner need not worry if they are prepared for an adventure like never before.

Mapping the tour

The mesmerizing Kedarkantha trek begins from Sanskrit in Uttarakhand. From Sanskri each step feels like inclining a higher elevation and becomes tiring. However, the sunlight occasionally sneaks in to relieve you from the piercingly cold weather. Along the trail to Juda ka Talab, you only find snow all around, the trees are covered with snow, the path is covered with snow and every single belonging of yours would fall prey to the hailing snow. At the Juda ka Talab campsite, trekkers need to rest for the day after a long trail.

You can spend the remaining day extracting spiritual vibes from the lake. The next day is marked with trailing across another snow-mounted route that is traversed from Juda ka Talab to Kedarkantha Base Camp (KBC) which is the second campsite of the trail and is equally triumphant as reaching the peak. The Kedarkantha Base Camp intensifies the temperature and requires a thick layer of protection that can keep you warm and revitalize for the next day and the major summit. On reaching Kedarkantha peak from the Kedarkantha Base Camp, one finds solace and justice to their exhausting and steep attempt. After completing the expedition up to the desired level of altitude. The descent to the second camp begins and certainly to the first camp and finally back to Sankri.

Trailing over the prominent

It is a six-day trek across the Govind Pashu Vihar National Park, is also dominated by wild animals and rare views of the animals can make your trail even more interesting. The trail is about 200 km which is enough to treat the beginners as well as experienced trekkers with a fulfilling experience. The immersive forest that you trail through is ecstatic in itself and can satisfy the desire of being around the wilderness. The uniform placements of the clearing emerge every 2 hours after crossing the forest. The interesting part of reaching Kedarkantha is that it has more than one route to take to accomplish the summit. Depending on the weather different routes are undertaken and each route is filled with wonders. The sunsets you witness are a memory that is going to stay with you forever. Attributed exceptionally this trek is favorable all around the year. 

Cordial Campsites

While your winter garments keep you warm, the tent houses amidst the white cover look as pleasant as an oasis of bliss. Tent camping in other destinations and tent camping in the Kedarkantha winter trek is totally different. Whereas in other treks, the campsites are on barren meadows, in Kedarkantha it is over a thick layer of snow during winters. This experience offers the authentic feeling of residing in an igloo. The campsites themselves seem to be over a remarkable height. The camp keeps you warm around a soaring height ruled by the snow.

Exciting Temperature

The slightly fluctuating temperature may seem to be fierce but it is the phenomenon that thrills you the most and keeps you motivated. This unique feature of this trail is what thousands of trekkers head out for. The temperature on an average remains at 8 to 10 degree Celsius and at times drop down to -5 degree Celsius. This is observed to be colder and a bit threatening, thus it is suggested to carry every possible gear that keeps you warm. We have to remember that this is a winter trek and is going to be aggressively cold.

The Highpoint View

As always, sights from the top of a peak are stunning but in the case of Kedarkantha, it is eccentric to all, especially when visited during the winters. The winter snow guides you along the path to conquer the peak. This eternal feeling of encountering tall pine trees that are smeared with snow looks eternal and witnessing it along with snowfall is incredible. Walking along the ridge at the highest point makes the soul feel as if it is dancing with the adjoining mountains. Mesmerized by the thin canopy of Pine, Deodar, and Oak forests and witnessing the fine clearance of snow-covered meadows, the peak seems even more pleasing.

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