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How traveling is important in your life and why?

How traveling is important in your life and why?

“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education, in the elder, a part of the experience”- Francis Bacon

I love traveling and it is one of my hobbies not because it gives me the chance to explore and learn about new things, it also gives me the chance to make memories that always bring a smile to my face.

In the easiest way, we can say Traveling is all about making a journey to visit a new place. But traveling is much more about just seeing new places. It helps to experience new things, learn new languages, cultures. It also experiences different cuisines and landscapes. Traveling is the most important way to enjoy life and know something different from your day-to-day routine. There are a few people who don’t like travel. There are almost 90% of people who love to travel from one landing place to another. In the ancient period, humans traveled so much through walking from one place to another to find new places and also discover new things. But, now a day, things are changed, now there are lots of facilities where people travel from one place to another without any difficulties at any point in time.

Traveling helps in revitalize our mind and body and make amazing memories. It helps people to avoid all the worries and stress and enjoying the moment, but yes, some people argue that traveling is a waste of time and money but actually it’s not. Traveling is not about only visited different cities and countries, it’s more than that, it helps us to interact with other people and also changes our mindset in a broader way.

Ten reasons why traveling is important in life

  1. Traveling helps to experience new culture 

Traveling helps in knowing and better understanding other people’s culture, like their customs, how they live, what they eat, what they wear and their overall lifestyle and so on. It is a natural tendency of humans to be overly interested in diff cultures. Yes, of course, you can get to know about these things in books, magazines and the internet but, when you go and see it for yourself it’s a totally different experience.

  1. Make new friends all over the world

Truly, it is one of the best reasons for traveling is that we get a chance to make new friends and connections with people from all over the world. When we interact with different people it will provide vast understanding into cultural traditions, beliefs, customs and their way of life and these things we can only experience when we travel different places, not on T.V, book or on the internet. I have also made lots of friends during my journey but yes, you must have good communication skills to communicate with and make new friends.

  1. Tastes different food

One of the things about traveling is you can taste different food across the world. Most of people love to experience new dishes during their traveling. Traveling gives the perfect chance to try out new, credible, and exhilarating foodstuff. It also helps you to build your knowledge about diff food cultures, and unique flavors and customs.

  1. Helps to get out of our comfort zone

When you travel alone or independently or as part of a systematic tour, you’re debarking into a new place that could be totally out of your comfort zone. It gives you the experience how your tackle the worst situations. As we know, the more you travel, the more you learn things, and breaking out of your comfort zone is one of the great ways to learn about the world.

  1. Teaches different languages 

Travel is one of the best ways to learn new languages. When we travel to different worlds it helps us learn their native languages. It helps to understand a different culture, build new connections and it also improves our personality.

  1. It improve one’s health

Traveling undoubtedly is the best way to keeps you a healthy and better life. Those who travel are physically active and less likely prone to health issues than those who don’t. Traveling helps you to boost up brain health and makes you creative, it also reduces stress level. It can detoxify all your negativity and makes you active both mentally and physically.

  1. Helps students to get more knowledge  

It is one of the reasons why students should travel. Traveling has special importance to students. Most of the things they learn about the world through textbooks, but it can be practically understood when they visit different places. When they visit across the world they get to know more about different types of forests, soil, climate, environment, architecture, music, art, sculpture, history and much more and that is why all educational institutions arrange tours for students.

  1. Create memories

Whether you travel with your family, friends, loved ones or alone it gives you some unforgettable memories and precious moments which rest forever with you.

  1. Traveling helps in Business Assessment 

For those people who think traveling is just a waste of time or only for adventures then, it’s a wrong assumption and it depends on the aspects we see that trip.

Because traveling gives us lots of exposure to other things from different parts of the world and with that practical exposure, if you are a person who seeks opportunity and tries to innovate the things then it will help you to assess the main problem if you can find it or maybe traveling can help you in solving different issues. For example Innovation of Redbus, Oyo rooms, Rivigo has been derived from such traveling experiences.

10.Helps in finding our own path

When you travel you can enhance personal growth. It allows you to do things differently from your daily life. Each journey brings something different which unlock you to find your strengths, weakness, like, dislike, etc. It also helps you to learn new things about yourself, different people and different places. Traveling shows us the beauty of life and gives us a way to never give you even in the vacuum space. Travelling helps us to reach the epitome of peace and personal enlightenment.


Traveling is a farrago of joy, peace, and self-discovery. It nourishes your soul to the depth of consciousness to recover from the fragile circumstances that we may face in our day-to-day life. One can revive and learn from a practical horizon of experiences that we do not get on books or anywhere.

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