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Sikkim has always been quite a hot potato among tourists. There is a wide range of places that one can visit in Sikkim, but if you wish to indulge your time in some good places, then we are here to guide you! Mentioned below are the names of some of the best places that one should visit in Sikkim! But before you plan your trip to Sikkim, you must know that the best time to visit Sikkim is between March and May and also between October and mid-December! So, plan your trip accordingly in order to allow the weather to be in your favour!


Do you get the adrenaline rush when you get to drive on the thin hilly roads? Oh, that’s a great response! Many of you said yes. Well then, this could be the perfect spot for you people. Why am I saying so is because the roads to this lake are thin and snaky so one will enjoy the drive! And once you reach this place, then you can find beauty in abundance! The beautiful birds, the ever-shining flowers, and how can I miss on the animal rides, especially of yaks, which is quite a rear sight in the big cities! You just cannot afford to miss these fantasies! So, do visit this place!


Did you know, which is the route that connects India and Tibet? Well, it is none other than this Nathula pass! Oh, did I drop bombshells here? Well, more bombshells will drop when you will visit this place as one can find the border gates of India and China. Also, you could treat your eyes to the lovely war memorial that is built there. If you wish to know what all this place has in store for you, then do pay it a visit soon!


Are you a greenery lover? Well then, you would love this place too! This place is beautifully covered in the hues of green. One can find some beautiful views of snow-clad mountain ranges and the green valleys. This place also has something in store for all the tea lovers! Yes, it has tea plantations too! So, you can enjoy the soothing view of these plantations and get some exotic photos clicked, right? So, don’t wait for the opportunity to knock, just build a door and open it so that happiness enters quickly!

  1. ZULUK

How many of you have been longing to play in the snowfall? Well, I would simply say that your wait is finally over now! This place is an exotic location which is located at a very great height and hence you can expect fog and snowfall here especially during the winters season. But apart from that, this place offers some gorgeous views to the snow clad mountains and Mount Kanchenjunga! Also, if you are looking forward to visiting the Nag Temple, then for sure this ride will be worthwhile! So, pack your bags!


We all have that adventure streak in us, right? So, how about going to this lake which offers some exotic river rafting? Oh, I can see you all already so bright eyed and bushy tailed! Yes, and if you aren’t much of an adventure person then you can spend your time doing bird watching and enjoying the sights of flora and fauna around. And yes, you can also just sit back, sip in your tea and enjoy the beautiful river flowing gently, shining under the sun. It’s surely a sight worth to be visited!

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