Best Places To Visit In Jammu And Kashmir Tourism

jammu and kashmir tourism
jammu and kashmir tourism

Jammu and Kashmir Tourism

We have often looked upon Kashmir as a bone of contention between us and our neighboring country but here we have completely failed to acknowledge the sheer beauty of the place. The elegance and the serenity that this place is blessed with, is often overlooked by us. How many of us have seen movies like Uri, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Haider etc? Oh, that response depicts that almost every one of us has seen these movies. So how could we take a back seat when we are to shower our good views about Kashmir? All these movies have one thing in common. Any guesses? Yes, you are right. All these movies have been shot in the lush green valleys of Kashmir adorned with the beautiful high rise mountains and the rivers gushing through. This is what Jammu and Kashmir are all about!

I’m sure after knowing so much about Jammu and Kashmir, you must be having ants in your pants to visit this place, right? But then, here I throw at you a word of caution! You should only visit these places in the specified months else your trip could come down to closure due to the heavy snowfall that takes place there. So, we would suggest that you should visit Jammu and Kashmir only between March to October. This is one of the prime time when the number of visitors in this region is at its peak! And yes, if you get that adrenaline rush while having some adventure in the snow and love to play snow games then you could dare to visit here in November and December too! But do watch out, okay?

Alright, once the place has been decided and the time of the visit has also been decided, so what is the next thing we should throw some light on? Ah, yes, what all places should we visit in Jammu and Kashmir, right? Alright, so let us now talk about some of the places that we could pay a visit to in this region!


I’m sure even before I would have mentioned this, the name Vaishno Devi would already be there ready on your tongue, right? Needless to say, this place is a getaway for millions of pilgrims, who visit it each year in leaps and bounds. The divine Goddess Vaishno Devi is worshipped by a gazillion of people who go there in search of happiness and tranquility to seek the blessings of the Goddess. So, it goes without saying that even you shouldn’t miss out visiting this place which is dotted with temples and a divine spirit.


Have you ever seen those beautiful lush green slopes in movies? Well, if you have ever dreamt of visiting such slopes, then you couldn’t really afford to miss this place. The prolific beauty of the place colored in the hues of green and blue offers you some ravishing views. The green slopes covered by the blue sky with white clouds casting a spell on you is a site to be cherished. Capture these views in your cameras and deck out your photo album!


Have you ever seen a combination of beauty with courage? Rarely do we come across such people, right? But this is one place which is the perfect combination of courage and beauty. Offering a prolific view of the entire region, this place also has in store some great adventures for all those who have an adrenaline rush! You could go for trekking or mountaineering. And yes, you could also enjoy rafting too. And to top all of that, one can set up camps in this region and have a whale of a time! Well, for sure we know that this place has a great historical significance too, owing to the Kargil War. So do pay a visit to this place and make the most of your vacation to Jammu and Kashmir.

So people, are you ready for your trip to Jammu and Kashmir? Well then, pull up your socks and book your tickets and get ready for having a whale of a time in the beautiful valley! Happy journey!

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