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10 Budget-Friendly Activities You Shouldn’t Miss in Newcastle, England

If you’re planning a trip to Newcastle, prepare to fall in love with our exciting and vibrant city. You’ll also realize that traveling to Newcastle isn’t cheap so we’ve put together a list of the top 10 budget-friendly activities in the city, all close to your ideal accommodation, PREMIER SUITES Newcastle.

1. Come to see the famous Laing Art Gallery! 

Another free cultural experience in the city, Laing Gallery is home to a huge collection of works by British artists, with a particular focus on local art, both past and contemporary. It has a particular focus of glassware and works, owing to Newcastle’s history as a major producer of glass in the 19th century. Check what’s on before you leave so you can plan your visit and take it all in.

2. A Stroll in Discovery Museum

Learn about the history of Newcastle and Tyneside with a visit to our Discovery Museum. The museum highlights Newcastle’s importance to Britain and the rest of the world and also hosts frequent free talks, screenings, and workshops. Entry to the museum and all of its events are free of charge as we believe cultural education should be free to all!

3. Visiting Baltic Art Gallery

A short stroll across the Millennium Bridge and you’ll arrive at Newcastle’s answer to the Tate Modern. The Baltic is filled with modern art made using many different mediums and each with a personality and message of its own. If modern art isn’t your thing, you can head to the 5th floor for breath-taking views across the city.

4. How about Chinatown in the UK?

Stroll through the iconic golden arch and take in the delicious smells of Chinatown. A street full of colorful restaurants and supermarkets, it’s an ideal respite from the busy city center. If you time it well, you can catch some of the exciting free events that take place around Chinese New Year.

5. Walkin’ on the Walk of Fame

Did you know that Newcastle has its very own walk of fame? Forget Hollywood and walk in the footsteps of your favorite Geordies stars instead. Plaques dedicated to our local heroes are dotted along the River Tyne and include stars like iconic duo Ant and Dec and world-famous footballer Alan Shearer. 

6. Farming Diaries at Ouseburn Farm 

It’s not often you get to visit a farm without leaving the city center but Ouseburn Farm, a not for profit charity has created a haven filled with all of the usual farmyard animals and a couple of more unusual ones. They offer a place for vulnerable young adults to work and learn in a hands-on environment. 

7. Cycle along the Tyne

Free if you bring your own bike but will cost a little to rent one, a cycle along the beautiful River Tyne is definitely worth spending your time and money. The cycle route along the Tyne is perfect for a leisurely ride to get an alternative view of the city and if you’re feeling particularly energetic you can continue on to the picture-perfect town of Tynemouth on the coast.

8. Meet the Angel of the North

Erected in 2008 and standing a proud 66 feet tall, the Angel of the North is one of the most famous landmarks in the North East. Her beauty has to be seen up close to be truly appreciated. The statue is 4 miles south of the city and parking is available, but you could always get the bus or cycle if you’re not driving.

9. Finding Serenity in Jesmond Dene

One of the most peaceful and serene spots in the city, Jesmond Dene is a wooded valley and wildlife corridor right in the center of Newcastle. There is a fantastic mix of native and exotic trees and an array of wildlife such as the Kingfisher, the Red Squirrel, and many woodland birds.

10. Shop at Grainger Market

Technically this is another ‘free’ activity but that all depends on how much self-control you have! Grainer Market is a busy vibrant market, filled with locals and tourists and is home to hundreds of local traders and small businesses. Find that ideal memento of a great trip without going near a tacky souvenir shop!

Katie McGarr is a daytime writer for PREMIER SUITES Nottingham, serviced apartments providing a fitting alternative to a traditional hotel stay for all kinds of guests and guest needs. Travel and lifestyle make up a big portion of what she mostly writes about. For her, the beauty of this world is worth-sharing and appreciating.

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